They Want to Terminate the EPA??!

There’s now a bill in the House of Representatives “To Terminate the EPA.”  I am really not ok with this.  Here are some reasons.
Where I Live Now
My current home in Oswego, NY is near a bunch of Superfund sites. That means the EPA is working / has worked to clean up toxic pollutants near me. This is work that needs to be done; who would do it if the EPA weren’t around?

Search for Superfund sites near you.

Where I Grew Up
I grew up near the Cuyahoga River, which burned several times.  Yes, several times.  Everyone knows about that time in ’69, sure, but there were more times before that.  Water quality in Lake Erie (which the Cuyahoga River feeds into) was and is kind of a big deal.  It even made Saturday Night Live, back in the day.
The EPA has been involved in helping clean up the Cuyahoga. I think that’s a good thing.  I loved being able to go to the beach on Lake Erie when I was a kid.  
Whenever I Buy Appliances
The EPA is in charge of Energy Star, which lets us know ahead of time how much energy our appliances will consume.  That lets consumers make informed decisions about which appliances to buy if they want to keep their electricity bills under control.
Being Able to Breathe
Remember that whole thing with VW cheating on their emissions tests?  Whose side were you on when you heard those stories?  Personally, I find it difficult to cheer for a company who lied to consumers as they were making decisions about what car to buy.  The EPA was on the other side of that fight, and I support that.  I really like being able to breathe the air outside.
All Kinds of Other Things, I’m Sure
I have to get other things done today so I’m stopping here, but seriously–the House of Representatives wants to kill the EPA???  Not cool, House.  Not cool.

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