More Birds of Oswego (and a Fish)

As part of my efforts to pay more attention to what’s around me, here are the birds I’ve been seeing lately:

  • Red-breasted Merganser
    This one was new to me.  Check out its crazy head feathers!  Love it.  There were a few of these down by the mouth of the river today.  Possibly yesterday as well, but I’m not 100% sure that what I saw yesterday was the same bird.Bonus: While looking up which merganser I saw today, I saw pictures of the Common Merganser, which I’m about 90% sure is something I saw last summer but couldn’t ID.
  • Robins
    No link for robins, because, I mean… robins.  Anyway they’ve been back at least since Pi Day; I saw them when I was out snowshoeing in the blizzard.  Very Oswego, that–spotting a traditional spring bird in a howling blizzard.
  • Crows
    Always crows.
  • Seagulls
    Always seagulls, too.  But there are kinds!  Specifically, I think these kinds: Ring-Billed Gulls and Herring Gulls.The other gulls, that are speckly brown all over, are juveniles, I think.  At least I know now that they’re not a different kind!
  • Mourning Doves
    I don’t feel like I usually see these around town, but maybe I just never noticed before today because they’re so normal I take them for granted?
  • Ducks
    What kind of ducks?  The normal kind, which apparently Audubon Society won’t uncover for you under a search for “duck”–no, you have to know to put in Mallard.  Duck snobs.
  • And a fish: Brown Trout?
    I’m not 100% sure that the fish I saw someone catch yesterday was a brown trout, but the time of year is right, according to the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation.  And the pictures when I Googled it also look about right.  So we’re going with it–I saw a brown trout breathing its last on the sidewalk.

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