Scaups and Mergansers (I think)

I mentioned last post that I’ve been seeing lots of white-winged scoters and long-tailed ducks down at the mouth of the Oswego River, of late.  Well, today I think I identified two more birds currently hanging out there:

  • Greater Scaups
    I’m not 100% sure of these; they might be Lesser Scaups.  But I lean toward Greater because their heads aren’t a funny shape, as far as I can tell.
    Two birds that are probably scaups, in the water.
    It’s *so* easy to tell from the photo, isn’t it?  Whatever kind of scaups these are, they’re shy.  They start paddling away from the edge of the river while I’m still at least 20 feet from the bank (and it’s not like they were right on the bank to begin with).  I’m going to have to dig out my binoculars, probably, if I want to get a better look.  Sigh.
  • Common Merganser
    I’m increasingly less certain of this identification. It might have been a Red-breasted Merganser; I think I’ve seen those before, right?  It’s definitely something with those awesome head feathers though, and those seem to be a merganser thing.  So at least I’m reasonably sure that I’m seeing some kind of merganser.

    Do I have a picture of these mergansers?  Well… no.  For some reason the mergansers won’t pose for me.  Very inconsiderate of them, in my opinion.

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